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Premier Hunt Destination

Premier Hunting Destination

Western Hunting is considered and discuss by most Avid, Die-Hard and Professional Hunters to be a highly sought after Hunting Destination when it comes to Big Game Hunting for Trophy Elk and Mule Deer.  Southwest states of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah seems to top that short list often for Trophy Quality Bulls and Mule Deer which is exactly where the Navajo Nation is located.

If you have ever Dreamed about Hunting out west, Come and Enjoy a high Adrenaline, Close Contact, Bugling, Fighting, Rutting Trophy Bull Elk Hunting or engage in the Challenge of a Spot and Stalk Trophy Mule Deer Hunting during the peak of the Rut or pursing your Desert Big Horn Sheep Grand Slam.

If that isn’t quite enough challenge for you then join us on an up-close Extreme Adrenaline Rush of following a pack of Howling Hounds up and down the mountains and thru the Red Cliff Canyons in pursuit of the Elusive Mountain Lions or the Dangerous Black Bears here on the Navajo Nation.

Experience your Trophy Hunt of a Lifetime with us with the backdrop of some of the absolute breathtaking Natural Wonders and Monumental Sceneries that only Navajo Nation can offer here in America Southwest that you will never forget.  It Truly is a Hunt like no other.

NAVAJO OUTDOORS - Wild Adventures

NAVAJO OUTDOORS – Wild Adventures.

* A Navajo Nation Big Game Hunting in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.

We are a family own and operated Outfitting Business based out of Kirtland and Shiprock NM. We are lifetime residents of Navajo Nation, lifetime hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and having been raised on a farm and ranch lifestyle instilled in us the appreciation of livestock, nature, and wildlife and the absolute need for conservation. 

Here at Navajo Outdoors we offer a wide variety of Trophy Quality Hunts ranging from our Coveted Trophy Auction Tag Hunts in an Exclusive Trophy Units to the San Juan River Waterfowl Hunts. We do all our Big Game Hunts here within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, Arizona & Utah and have access to the entire hunt units across the Navajo Nation for Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lions, Desert Big Horn Sheep, Antelope, Turkey, and Waterfowl.

There are four main different Dates when a new hunter will have an opportunity to acquire a Hunt Tag. 1. Mid-March in Window Rock AZ during our Navajo Nation Guide Association Tag Auction. 2. April when certain number of our Seven-day Trophy Hunt Tags come available which will be thru a draw and by on-line application. 3. May when our General Hunt Proclamation comes out which will be by on-line application and thru a draw. 4. Navajo Nation donates several Special Trophy Hunt Tags to some Live and On-Line Auction Events thru out the country including the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Reno Nevada, Phoenix Chapter Safari Club Internation (SCI), OVIS Nation Convention Reno Nevada, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society (ADBSS) Farmington Chapter Rocky Mountain Elk Society (RMEF) etc. 

When not working we spend all our time where we enjoy being most, the solitude of being in the mountains scouting new areas, glassing for Trophies or training hounds thru the mountains and red canyons. Mountains are definitely our second home.

Our mission here at Navajo Outdoors is to provide our clients an opportunity to fulfill their Dreams of harvesting their Trophies of a lifetime on the Navajo Nation and making an unforgettable Hunting Experiences unlike anywhere else in a truly unique environment in some of the Spectacular Sceneries in America Southwest’s natural wonders, historic and monumental site while enjoying the local rich culture. 

Our focus is to strive to achieve our clients’ expectations in harvesting their Trophies of a Lifetime and are committed to providing not only the highest quality hunts but also ensuring we maintain a friendly one to one family atmosphere with small-sized camps and focusing on limited numbers of hunts each year for quality service.  We provide the very best Navajo Nation Team with life time experiences in hunting with proven skills and abilities to fulfill your dreams. Our focus is you.   

NAVAJO NATION - Hunting Ground

NAVAJO NATION – (Dine Bikeyah)

Navajo Nation spans over 27,000 Square Miles or 17.5 million acres and is situated on the southwestern Colorado Plateau in the Four Corners area encompasses parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah and is the Largest Indian Tribe in America. It is comparable in size to West Virginia

The Navajo Nation has sole jurisdiction and sovereign authority to govern itself and manage all its hunting, fish and wildlife within the Reservation boundaries and is totally separate from any state hunts.

Navajo Nation thru their unique wildlife and habitat management strategies has resulted in a spectacular hunting opportunity for Quality Big Game for avid hunters to sportsmen of all levels seeking quality hunting experiences and trophy class animals. 

Navajo land is a high desert and alpine forest with high plateaus, mesas and mountains reaching as high as 10,500ft elevations to as low as 5,500ft. Our hunts are done on the Chuska Mountains, Lukachukai Mountains, Carrizo Mountains and San Francisco Mountains with Ponderosa Pine, Pinion, and Juniper to lower terrain cedar and sage valleys as well as the sandstone canyons and farmlands along the San Juan River.

Navajo Nation has many spectacular landscapes from majestic mesas, buttes, mountains, and canyons including many world-renowned scenic wonders of the southwest including Canyon de Chelly, Shiprock Peak, Monument Valley, Chuska Mountains, Window Rock, Chaco Cayon, Pueblo Bonito historical site, eastern part of the Grand Canyons and Lake Powell.

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