Mule Deer Hunts

Mule Deer Hunts

Navajo Mule Deer Hunting

Our Hunts: We set up camp right on whichever hunt unit our client will be hunting in to provide as ample hunting field time as possible and to limit travel time back to the camp duration of the hunt. We provide a 44" Fifth Wheel as our base camp, Wall Canvas Tent as Dining Hall and utilize Jeep and or four-wheel drive Vehicles for field transportation. We will pre-scout for Mule Deer before our clients arrive to get a good idea of which Bulls to go after and come up with a game plan when our client gets to our base camp which is the day before the client's hunt starts. Most hunts are done by getting to a vantage point to glass up bulls then going after a bull we decide on and start our spot and stalk. Terrains can be anything from high elevation Mountains with ponderosa pines, oak brush and aspens slopes, to lower country with cedar and sage flats depending on the year of the hunt.

Fully Outfitted Hunts: We offer for all our hunts a five-day fully Outfitted Hunt which includes: All Meals, Accommodation, Field Transportation and assist with Game Care. Call for Price Details:

*We have Three Types of Mule Deer Hunts:

1. Trophy Mule Deer Hunts (Draw Tags)

These are done in our exclusive Trophy Units here in the Navajo Nation. The Deer heard Genetics has produced some great Quality Bulls in the upper range of 185"" on up and some over 200". The habitat in our Trophy Units are well managed which has strict access into the units with really good water and feed for awesome antler growth. 

 *Trophy Tags that were not repurchased come available for new hunters to apply for in a draw.

* Very easy to apply: Fill out two forms 1. Hunt Application form 2. Credit Card Authorization Form. (Only the Application Processing fee will be assessed of 25.00 when the application form is received. Full Trophy Tag fee gets assessed only if you are drawn a tag. You do not pay the full Tag Fee upfront.

2. Auction Tags: Trophy and General Tags:

December 01:  Coveted Archery Late Season Trophy Mule deer Tag 

Sept. 01, - January 31, Coveted Trophy Mule Deer Tag is good for All Hunt Units, Rez Wide, any 30 days.

Sept. 01, - January 31, Coveted Trophy Mule Deer Tag is good for All Hunt Units, Rez Wide, any 30 days.

*Also, more General Hunt Tags Auction off (See full Auction Tag List on Main Page under (Tags & Licenses tab.)

3. General Mule Deer Tags: (Draw Tags)

We offer a variety of levels of hunt throughout the hunting season and General Hunt Units is just one of those to choose from. Four hunters can apply on the same application for the same hunt, same area and date. This is great for a family type of hunt where one can bring the family to enjoy the Navajo Nation style of Hunting.

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