Tags / License

Tags / License

February:  Previous Hunt Season Tag Holders

February:  Previous Hunt Season Trophy Tag Holders  

February is the start of the whole hunting cycle so having a jump on these Premium 7 Day Trophy Hunt Tags is a must. In the Month of February Previous season Tag Holders decide to either let go of their Tag or simply Repurchase same Trophy Tag they had and if not that Tag comes available for new Hunters to apply for thru a Draw in April. Make sure to contact us last week of March after our Annual Sportsman Banquet and Auction to find out exactly which       7 Day Trophy Tags came Available for you to apply for and well will assist you thru the whole process of applying.

Yearly:  Donated Trophy Tags to  Auction Events

Yearly: Donated Trophy Tags - Auction Events

Navajo Nation donates several Special Trophy Hunt Tags to several Live and On-Line Auction Events thru out the country. All Auctions can be seen and bid thru Online Hunting Auction app.

These Auction Tags will include -Trophy Elk Rifle Tags, Trophy Mule Deer Rifle Tags, Desert Bighorn Sheep Tags. 

These hunts will take place in an Exclusive Trophy Units with strict access and limited number of hunt tags are allocated to these Trophy Units each year.  Very Low Game Pressure with Awesome Game Density and Great Game Quality.

Sheep Hunt

January & February: Desert Big Horn Sheep Auction Tags

Navajo Nation Donates several Trophy Big Horn Sheep Tags to Several Auction Events thru out the Country. Our Sheep hunts will take place along the Colorado River and the San Juan River. 

1. Wild Sheep Foundation National (WSF) January, 2023 Reno Nevada

2. Ovis National Convention Desert Big Horn Febraury 2024 Tennessee

March: Window Rock, AZ Tag Auction / Sportsman Expo & Banquet


March:  Tag Auction / Sportsman Expo and Banquet Window Rock AZ  

Mid-March during our Annual Tag Auction / Sportsman Expo & Banquet in Window Rock AZ there will be two types of Tags offered.

1. Our Coveted Navajo Nation Wide, All Units Tag and In Exclusive Trophy Unit – Trophy Elk and Mule Deer Rifle, Trophy Elk Muzzleloader.

2.. General Unit Tags – Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Cow Elk, Turkey, Youth Hunts. 

3. Trophy Mule Deer Tag and a General Elk or Deer Tag - (Separate Event) is also donated to be auctioned off at the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society (ADBSS) at Phoenix Chapter March 11, 2023.

*It is a Live Auction, Zoom app bidding and call-in bidding process.

This is a great fun event where the whole family can come and enjoy many seminars offered, great food, raffle auctions, visiting some Great Vendors and Navajo Nation Outfitters booths. It is a great time to visit with many folks from all around during this two-day event and the evening Banquet and Live Auction.

April: Trophy Hunt Tags: (Draw by Application)


April:  7 Days Trophy Hunt Tags (Thru a Draw) 

1. Trophy Unit Tags (7-day hunts) – Elk, Mule Deer.  *Special Feature Tags: 

2. Archery Trophy Elk Hunt.

3. Late season Elk Rifle.

Special Feature Tags – Draw once, following years simply repurchase same Tag as long as you wish to do same Hunt. (You Do Not pay full Tag Fee up front).

*Trophy Tags that were not repurchased comes available for new hunters to apply for in a draw in April.

* Very easy to apply: Fill out two forms 1. Hunt Application form 2. Credit Card Authorization Form. (Only the Application Processing fee will be assessed of 25.00 when the application form is received. Full Trophy Tag fee gets assessed only if you are drawn a tag. You do not pay the full Tag Fee upfront just the processing fee.

Phoenix Chapter SCI Auctionn

May - Online Hunting Auction

In May Navajo Nation will be donating two additional Coveted Trophy Tags to be Auctioned off thru Online Hunting Auction app by Phoenix Chapter SCI. These Coveted Elk and Mule Deer Tags are for Navajo Nation Wide, All Units with hunt Date range from September 01, - January 30. Date range may fluctuate a little. These Hunts starts before any other hunts starts (Archery, Muzzleloader or 7 Day Rifle) where only Coveted Trophy Tag Holders will be out chasing the pick of the litter when there is no pressure and Bulls are all still intact.

May: General Hunt Tags: (Draw by Application)

May: General Hunt Tags: (Draw by Application)

General hunt units – Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle,

*The Proclamation for General Hunt is huge and a bit more complex so please call for assistance on information or clarification.


Mule Deer

Black Bear

Mountain Lion 

Desert Big Horn Sheep




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