Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts - Auction Tags

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts - Auction Tags

Desert Big Horn Sheep Auction Tag

Navajo Nation Big Horn Sheep Hunt

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Desert Big Horn Sheep Country

Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunts are hunts unlike other hunts and in most cases are once in a lifetime hunt except acquiring tags thru Auctions. Sheep Hunts are Prestigious and Coveted Hunts and when drawn these hunts should be tailored like no other hunt. Knowing this here at Navajo Outdoors we tailor your Once in a Lifetime Hunt for a hunt you will never forget, 

Navajo Outdoors offers a limited hunt opportunities for Desert Big Horn Sheep thru special Auction/Expos and thru on-Line Auctions. Desert Big Horn Sheep Country here is a very special place on the Navajo Nation totally off grid with limited access thru Lake Powell along the Colorado River and the San Juan River in Northern Navajo Nation. Not only do you get an opportunity to Hunt and Stalk a Magnificent Trophy Desert Big Horn Sheep you will experience a Hunt of a Lifetime in an absolute Breathtaking Southwest Red Canyons along the Colorado River & San Juan Rivers in Northern Arizona thru Lake Powell. It is definitely a Hunt like no other.

Our Sheep Hunt Packages

Our Sheep Hunt Package

Navajo Outdoors has Skilled, Experienced and Knowledgeable Guides with all Big Game Hunting including Desert Big Horn Sheep hunt who will assist you along the way to harvest your Trophy Desert Big Horn Sheep rather it is your Once in a Lifetime Sheep Hunt or your Grand Slam Hunt.

Premium 10 day Package: This will consist of a complete outfitted hunt where you only bring your personal cloths and hunting equipment.  Call for Fees and Additional Details.

  • Scouting: 2-3 Days before hunt starts
  • Number of Hunt Days: 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • Accommodations:
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Transportations:
  • Guides/Spotters: Two Guides to One Hunter
  • Field Game Care

Navajo Outdoors goes to great lengths to provide very high-end services with Expertise in every area of your Once in a Lifetime Hunt so we are very fortunate and excited working with our friends Jesse, Lisa & Team at Lake Powell Guide Services for accommodations, meals and transportations.

Accommodations: Our friends Jesse, Lisa and their team will provide you with a base camp for your Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunt where the thrill of the hunt meets the comfort of home in the heart of sheep country Nestled on the shores in one of Lake Powell's many canyons, our base camp provides the perfect heaven for avid hunters seeking an unforgeable outdoor hunting experience. Our base camp is strategically scouted and place in Desert Big Horn Sheep country, surrounded by untouched landscapes teeming with wildlife. This ideal setting ensures a Once in a Lifetime hunting adventure with access to prime Navajo hunting grounds. Surround yourself in rustic luxury with our thoughtfully designed accommodations that also includes tents, two support vessels and communal shared campfire. Base Camp blends seamlessly in the natural surroundings, offering a cozy retreat after a day of hunting. Each accommodation is equipped with modern amenities including hot showers, Wi-Fi, and luxury camp sleeping ensuring a comfortable yet exhilarating hunting experiences. Share stories, forge new friendships, and relive the day's adventure around a crackling campfire. Our gathering space provides the perfect backdrop for comraderies, where hunters can swap tales, discuss strategies, and connect over their shared passion for the great outdoors. Join us at Lake Powell Guide Service for an unparallel hunting experience, where the thrill of the chase meets the comfort of a well-appointed retreat. Immerse yourself in the essence of the wilderness, and let the adventures begin!

Meals: Savor the flavors of the region, our skilled cook prepares hearty, locally inspire meals to fuel your energy for the day ahead. From our hearty breakfast that includes, our almost famous breakfast burritos, packed fresh each day, sack lunches, to savory dinners, including Navajo Tacos, stews and fresh caught fish of the day. Your will receive 3 full meals each day with snacks to keep you fueled for the hunt.

Transportation: Desert Big Horn Sheep hunting on the Navajo Nation and the shores of Lake Powell is a Once in a Lifetime hunt that requires special transportation and preparation to have a successful hunt. We've got you covered in all the stages, from your arrival in Page Arizona. We'll arrange to get you from the airport to the marina and take you up lake, 49+ miles to the Navajo Nation Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunting Grounds where you will arrive at your pre-scouted and set up base camp. Daily transportation from base camp to that day chosen hunting area with a rendezvous point and pick up at the end of the day back to base camp. At the end of your successful hunt, we will transport you back to the marina, and the airport for departure. This hunt requires the main transport boat, and two support vessels.

Sheep Show Reno NV

SHEEP SHOW - Reno Nevada Desert Sheep Auction Tag

SHEEP SHOW - in Reno Nevada where Wild Sheep Foundation will be Auctioning off this year's Navajo's Coveted Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunt Tag for 2024.

1. Wild Sheep Foundation National (WSF)  January 17 - 20 2024  Reno Nevada

Ovis sheep tag

Grand Slam Club / Ovis Desert Sheep Auction Tag

Navajo Nation will also be donating another Desert Sheep Hunt Tag to be auctioned off at Grand Slam Club this year in 2024. 

1. Ovis Grand Slam Desert Big Horn February 20, 2024

Desert Big Horn Sheep

Colorado River & San Juan River Sheep Country

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